“The Nieuport 28, America’s First Fighter”

It is a must-have reference


Exploring every aspect of the Nieuport 28 and it’s operational history over 270 pages filled with photos and  illustrations.

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Book details:

  • Hardcover, printed on quality gloss art paper
  • Page size 11 1/4” x 8 1/2”
  • 270 pages, over 400 photos.
  • Contemporary and newly commissioned illustrations and diagrams

Chapter 1   First Combat: 14 April 1918

Remarkably, the first US aerial victories occurred over the air field of the 94th Aero Squadron on the first day of the squadrons active service. Detailed account of this event and the characters involved.               

Nieuport28 World War 1 Aircraft Chapter 1


Chapter 2   The Great War in the Air 1914-1917

An overview of Nieuport and it’s contribution to aircraft development during the early years of the Great War.

Nieuport28 World War 1 Aircraft Chapter 2

Chapter 3   Fighting Machines for the Air Service

America mobilized it’s forces and joined the War, however it was unable to equip its own air force. The search began for a suitable fighter aircraft.

94th Aero Squadron, USAS operates the Niueport 28

Chapter 4   Four Months of Combat

The Nieuport 28 goes into service with the first American Fighter Squadrons. Pilots gain
combat experience on the quiescent Toul Front and the hotly contested Chateau-Thierry
that followed. Chapter contains maps of the Front Line during 1918, and many photos of
Nieuport 28 fighters and pilots.

94th Aero Squadron, USAS operates the Niueport 28

Chapter 5   An Assessment of the Nieuport 28′s Combat Role

The Nieuport 28 had equally staunch detractors and supporters. Ted Hamady takes a factual look at the all the factors involved in the aircraft’s deployment; including aircraft performance, availability, squadron effectiveness.

Nieuport 28 Wing Failures -  Why?

Chapter 6   The Nieuport 28 in Post-war Service

The Nieuport 28 remained in use long after the end of the war. This chapter investigates
its service in the postwar US Air Service, US Navy, Swiss Air Force and Argentinean Air
Force. Includes many rare photos.

Nieuport28 World War 1 Aircraft Chapter 6

Chapter 7   In Civilian Hands

Many Nieuport 28s found their way into civilian hands and several had long careers in
Hollywood. The stories of these aircraft and the popular flying films of the 1930s are
covered in the text and the reproduction of original movie posters.

Hollywood Movies in the 1930s (posters)

Chapter 8   The Survivors

An in depth look at the history of the surviving aircraft. It includes 6 pages of colour photographs of NASM’s Nieuport 28 undergoing its meticulous, five-year restoration.

Nieuport 28 Air Frame


Flying the Nieuport 28

Based primarily on WW I pilot reports, it also includes observations made by present-day pilots.” 

Nieuport 28 Fuel System

The Design Evolution of the Nieuport 28

Detailed description of the development of the Nieuport 28. Includes photos and diagrams of the prototype aircraft and all subsequent variants.

Nieuport28 World War 1 Aircraft Chapter 10

General Characteristics and Specifications

Detailed descriptions of the wartime production N28 and postwar N28A based on original French, US Air Service and RAF reports. Includes detailed contemporary photos of the airframe, 1/48 scale drawings, photos & drawings of the engine, fuel and oil systems. The description of the armament includes full page diagrams on the operation and mechanics of the MG synchronization gear, information not seen in print before now.


Destined to Fail – The Nieuport 28 Wing

A thorough, technical analysis of what really caused a spate of non-lethal wing failure accidents, and what was done to prevent reoccurrence.


Production, Orders, and Deliveries of All Known Nieuport 28 and 28A Fighters


Colors and Markings

Includes accurate and comprehensive colors and markings information covering prototypes and wartime production Nieuport 28s, and including postwar use by Air Service, US Navy, Swiss and Argentine air services.

•	Colors and Markings for Nieuport 28 prototype/ fighter/trainer