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From Scale Aircraft Modelling

Should anyone doubt author Hamady’s credentials for writing this book, he recently served as project historian for the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum’s five-year restoration of its own Nieuport 28.
When the first Americans to be trained by their own fledgling Air Service came to the Western Front in April 1918, they were not just late. They were not even equipped, and didn’t bring any fighters with them, or much of anything else, for that matter. They were lent Nieuport 28s by the French and men like Eddie Rickenbacker, Douglas Campbell, and Jimmy Meissner went on to fly them to glory.
The title of the book might be a bit misleading, for while it does give an exhaustive history of the aircraft in US service, for modelers it is an invaluable and unique reference for this aircraft. There is a colour photograph sequence in the middle of the book showing the restoration of the Nieuport from beginning to end at each major stage, and these shots alone will make it much easier to build and detail your new Roden 1:32 scale Nieuport 28.
The aircraft is followed from its first combat service all the way into the postwar years, when it was used extensively in motion picture work, which is where the few survivors or pieces of survivors seem to come from. The book is filled with sub-assembly drawings and close-up photographs of bombs and racks, and very detailed drawings of the guns and their synchronizing system.
Colour photos abound here, and near the end we get a section of colour profiles and plan views by the renowned aircraft illustrator Juanita Franzi.
Neither Hamady nor Schiffer skimped on anything in producing this book, and it might be safe to say it is the last word on this remarkable and beautiful aircraft.