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“…[Ted] left no stone unturned in his effort to make this the most complete story of this historic airplane.”
“Mine came today, it is absolutely worth the wait! It is also worth the money. You will not be disappointed.”
“…it is an absolutely dazzling piece of work, including the wonderful profiles and plan views that are included with the relevant details.”
“It also includes a 50 photo essay of the NASM’s restoration, which may as well have been included as a modeling manual for scratch builders.”
“The production qualities are great and I think the colour profiles and technical diagrams will please the most fastidious Nieuport fanatics.”
“…I received my copy of Ted Hamady’s new Nieuport 28 title from Schiffer Ltd. in yesterdays mail. WOW, I am totally thrilled with the great job…”
“I just received my copy today and have read the first two chapters…it is spectacular! All my life I have waited for a work like this on my favorite warplane of all time.”
“An excellently researched, readable, and highly informative resource that’s been far too long in coming!”
“I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time…you can bet it will be THE definitive work on the Nieuport 28.”
“I’m using Theodore Hamady’s outstanding “The Nieuport 28: America’s First Fighter” (Schiffer, 2008) as my primary reference…”