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I have seen this aircraft in pictures and was originally intrigued by its elegant shape and the fact that it was used as the first US warplane in WW1. I visited the newly opened NASM at Dulles Airport and in the museum was a perfectly restored Nieuport 28A. It was a wonderful example of what true aviation represents to me…you strapped to the plane, head sticking out in the wind, all manual controls and this large propeller spinning in front of you pulling you through the air. I wondered what it was like to fly this plane in the day. Well, this book does an excellent job describing just that and gives real world testimony from pilots of the day. It tells the saga of how the planes were built, were procured and how they were used in combat and post war in the filming industry. The author also answers many of the questions one might have relative to how the plane handles, and shows in colored detail how it looked depending on the squadron that it was employed with. Finally, a detailed discussion with many pictures of the engineering faults and the reasons why they existed. I actually read of 100 pages of this book in one sitting and found I could not get enough. A very well written book with exceptional and accurate photos. Well worth the money if you want a great book detailing the history of the Nieuport 28. It is apparent that this book required the resources of numerous people, numerous museums and national assets from all over the world to make this happen.