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As the title states, this book is dedicated to telling the story of the Nieuport 28, the first true fighter aircraft to enter service for the U.S. forces in World War I. Roughly the first third of the book deals with the Nieuport’s wartime service, relying heavily on the accounts of the men who flew the aircraft in combat over the Western Front. The second third of the book discusses the postwar service of the Nieuport, including the use of the aircraft in motion pictures, and the refurbishment of original production aircraft and replicas for this purpose. The final third of the book is a modeler’s dream, covering construction details, cockpit layout, standard instrumentation and armament, and a number of international marking schemes, all supported by numerous black and white photos and color plates. This is very much a special interest publication, dealing with a single aircraft design that had a significant but brief moment in history. If a reader has a need for information on the Nieuport 28, this book will be an essential reference. Otherwise, it is still a pretty good read.